The EU Amazon Playbook 2020.

Shopping online has never been more popular, and the natural choice for many browsers and buyers in this case is, of course, Amazon.

In a world where diversification of strategy and advertising channels is paramount in meeting unpredictable consumer behaviours, the opportunities that Amazon offers are worthy of consideration for almost any advertiser. Dominance over the search space is changing, and given the context of restricted movement and closing brick-and-mortar stores, shopping online has never been more popular.

For millions of consumers, shopping online means Amazon.

In the EU Amazon Playbook 2020 published by Merkle, you will learn:

  • How to tell your brand story on Amazon through stores and ads
  • How to boost your holistic search ranking
  • The importance of leveraging your Amazon Storefront
  • The options around reporting and attribution
  • How to create a multi-channel strategy (for major sales events and always on)

Download the Playbook now!

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