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Study on the digitalisation of insurance companies.

How digital is the customer experience when taking out and using household insurance?

Namics tested 18 insurance companies in Germany and Switzerland.

Today's insurance customers want a cross-channel offering and, above all, intuitive operability. The simpler the process, the more positive the user experience.

But how digital is the experience today? This is the question addressed in our study "Taking out insurances online (not) a problem?! How insurance companies perform in digitalisation". We examined the customer journey of a private customer when buying and using household insurance.

We are the mystery shopper.

We simulated a customer's journey: As a fictitious 30-year-old tenant, we took out household insurance with 18 insurance companies and used it online. This resulted in five core results.

Results and recommendations.

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The analysis of the customer journeys shows that insurance companies still have great potential for digitalisation today. The processes are often very long, fragmented and show many breaks. In addition, insurance companies do not use the variety of digital channels, such as live chat or video consulting, for customer communication.

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From the website to the customer portal to personal support: in our study you will find five recommendations for the entire customer journey. If you follow these recommendations, you can significantly increase your customers' experience. 

Die Management Summary der Namics Versicherungsstudie
Insights into the Namics insurance study: the Management Summary
Einblick in die Namics Versicherungsstudie: Digitalisierungsgrad untersuchter Versicherungen
Insights into the Namics insurance study: Digitalisation level of investigated insurance companies
Einblick in die Namics Versicherungsstudie: fragmentierte Customer Journey
Insights into the Namics insurance study: fragmented customer journey

Download our Customer Experience study now (currently only available in German).

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