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Customer experience in private pension plans.

Will personal consultation remain indispensable in the future?

Namics tested 23 banks and insurance companies.

In the summer of 2017, we asked seven people in Switzerland and seven in Germany about their customer journeys when they took out a private pension product. In order to verify the findings quantitatively, we tested them with a survey of almost 800 people.

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Seamless customer journeys are expected, but only partly provided. (Video in German)

Customers want personal advice.

CRM Strategie: Verstehen, wie Kunden interagieren.

The study shows that the quality of advice today is often unsatisfactory. Customers lack need-oriented advice and are often disturbed by up- and cross-selling of products. They also criticize the transparency of the consulting services. Consultants are thus often perceived as sellers.   Our study shows different approaches for customer-oriented consulting.

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We also take a close look at the experience of your customers!

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