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Emotion tracking: Holistic view on the customers' behaviour.

Which impact do emotions have on the design of digital products?

What is emotion tracking?

Emotion Tracking is a method from physiopsychology. It shows how consumers judge products and services emotionally. Since these judgements are made subconsciously, objective and valid results are certain. The procedure therefore enables clear recommendations for the creation of digital products.

Insights into practice: emotion tracking with SIXT.

Vorbereitung für das Emotion Tracking mittels Messung der Hirnströme
Preparation of emotion tracking with SIXT.

For SIXT Share Namics was assigned to design a landing page for registration and information. In order to find the optimal landing page, we developed several text versions, design sections and registration variants. The respective effect was determined on test subjects and their emotional reaction measured with sensors.

Remove digital barriers and improve the customer journey.

Testperson beim Emotion Tracking
Brain activity gives information about emotions of users.

A registration process creates a barrier between customer and product. It should therefore be as simple and quick as possible. This reduces stress for users and the experience with the new product is positive right from the start. A good start for a good relationship.

Whitepaper. Content at a glance.

Get insights from theory and practice on emotion tracking.The whitepaper shows:

  • how to measure emotions,
  • how emotions differ from feelings,
  • the key findings of the testing session with SIXT,
  • which impact these results have for for your company.

Download whitepaper now.

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