Virtual Open Day: Window to the world of Namics.

Unlock your screen, peek through it and meet Namics.

Virtual Open Day
  • When

    • 20th of August 2020
  • Time frame

    • start at 5 p.m

Discover Namics.

Namics is mostly working from home, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t meet.

We are organizing our first Virtual Open Day in Belgrade home-offices. Choose your most comfortable chair, prepare your drinks and questions because the window to the world of Namics is going to open on August 20 at 5 p.m.

Use this opportunity to check our know-how, meet our colleagues and ask anything about Namics.

Office tour is included.


Virtual Open Day will be hosted by our superb colleagues. They will share knowledge and experience, introduce you to our projects and will explain to you what kind of engineering Namics does. You will meet:


Sava Ilić. Namics’ AEM portfolio.

Sava is Senior Software Engineer responsible for AEM. He will introduce you to our AEM portfolio and present you with the basic principles of developing in the Adobe CMS platform. Real life examples included. 


Ivana Stevanović. Hybris projects.

Ivana is Senior Software Engineer and is SAP’s Certified Associate for SAP Hybris. She’ll give an insight into the Hybris platform-based on projects for our long term client Victorinox.


Tamara Joncić. Frontend engineering in Namics.

Tamara is Senior Engineer with more than six years of experience in Frontend. Tamara will - share knowledge about the latest Frontend frameworks she’s working with and will explain the Jelmoli project from an engineer's perspective.


Tamara Zimonjić. Overview on Salesforce.

Tamara is Senior Software Engineer specialised for Salesforce. She will present the state of the art Salesforce platform and the unique way of visualising processes and implementation with it. Additionally, she will show how the platform is handled in a client project. 


Philipp Gort. Dušica Veličković. Namics in a nutshell.

Philipp Gort is Namics Belgrade Managing Director and Dušica Veličković is Senior Recruiter. Who will explain you Namics better than these two?

Interested in meeting Namics? Apply for Virtual Open Day.

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