Data Driven Commerce Days.

Data, strategies & tech for smarter retail.

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    • 29th September - 1st October
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    • Daily 9:45 - 12:35

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    • Online 

Essentials of Commerce.

Data is the foundation of any customer-centric digital marketing and sales strategy. Using data in a targeted and strategic manner is the royal discipline in Data Driven Commerce. Find out what impact a sophisticated data strategy can have on your company and how you can transform information into concrete insights and recommendations for action.

Together with Datorama, Namics will present the second day of the conference on the topic of customer experience and marketing

Knowing the wishes and preferences of your own customers is the prerequisite for addressing them in a targeted manner. How can customer focus be increased with a well thought-out data strategy? What role does Data Driven Marketing play in this? The presentations on the second day of the Data Driven Commerce Days will address these questions.  

Joint lecture by Datorama and Namics on Wednesday, 30 September from 11:00 - 11:35 

How to identify valuable customer segments: through Marketing Intelligence to optimised customer journeys. 

Do you know the valuable customers - who buy instead of just ordering - and do you know what a buyer costs you? In our session we will show you with a customer example how you can gain these insights, build up an optimal customer journey and constantly optimise it with Marketing Intelligence!

Speakers: Jasmin Lehr, Principal Consultant, Namics - A Merkle Company

Oliver Beyer, Senior Account Executive, Salesforce Datorama

With the code NamicsforDDCD you can attend the event free of charge.

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