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Are you facing challenges in commerce? Turn your online shop into an experience. We will boost your conversions and set you up for multi-channel commerce.

How to achieve commercial success in a nutshell.

  1. 01Multi-channel, B2B commerce and PIM.Our range of offers for your digital success.
  2. 02Optimising your shop.This is how to achieve your conversion targets.
  3. 03Heading into the future ‒ with Namics.All-in service for your commercial project.
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One-stop, customised, commercial solutions.

Agility is the essential requirement for successful online shops and websites in the age of digital change. We set up these successful online shops and websites. We create winners.

Let us jointly shape the future of your digital success – from the initial idea to the final implementation.

Put strategy, concept, design, implementation and operation into the experienced hands of our experts. Experience true partnership on equal terms, where working as a team is fun. Achieve lasting, tangible results.

The cornerstones of our best practices for commerce:

  • Strategy: market analysis, business case, business model and ROI
  • Concept & design: customer experience, usability, conversion rate optimisation
  • Implementation: online shop, omni-channel platform, integration and technical architecture
  • Operation and shop management: 24/7, maintenance and support, content services


We are your partner for complex commerce projects.

Commercial success on all channels.

Modern customers keep all options open ‒ they are multi-optional. How do you reach them at the numerous touchpoints for an individual approach? We help you to shape your customers’ journeys. The right multi-channel strategy requires a customer-centred approach. Namics keeps an eye on your customers' needs and works with you to create an innovative, multi-channel shopping experience. Generate customer insights and build trust. Implement the right measures for your target group and optimise their brand experience.
Im B2B spielt E-Commerce eine immer wichtigere Rolle.

B2B Commerce.

Digital transformation is a technical and organisational challenge for B2B companies. B2B commercial solutions are there to support complex purchasing decisions and meet high customer expectations. B2B providers with an integrated e-commerce strategy and the right service approach can strengthen their position in the market. Creating added value for your customers is the basis of sustainable success in digitisation. Let Namics turn your channels into a service portal for your customers.
PIM-Systeme sind zentrale Knotenpunkte für alle Produktdaten.

Product Information Management (PIM).

The central provision and administration of product information for use in various channels is crucial for the success of e-commerce platforms. Having up-to-date and high-quality product information shortens the time to market and increases conversions. Effective Product Information Management (PIM) is critical for ensuring that the information provided in each channel is consistent. Roll out new channels with us quickly or tap into new international markets. We will take care of your PIM strategy and concept, data model and technical architecture, implementation and integration as well as linking up all the channels including print. Optimise the processes in your company, work efficiently and save costs.

Optimising your shop: how do I optimise the conversion rate in my online shop?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a strategic task involving numerous factors. That’s why we don’t randomly search for individual causes. First, we analyse your goals and your customers’ needs on their ‘journey’ through the online shop.

Namics will show you solutions to help you achieve your conversion targets.

From SEO analyses, UX testing, the analysis of user data, content optimisation to emotion tracking ‒ our experts will direct visitor flows in a targeted manner. Your shop will thus be perfectly set up for efficient, successful digital marketing.

Be a winner in digital commerce with Namics.

Turn your commerce vision into reality. For us, your online shop is not just a sales channel. And we see you as an equal partner. For each website, together we will find individual solutions for your challenges.

We work on strategy, design, implementationand service and turn e-commerce into a brand experience with you. We will find the right commercial solution for every business case and achieve measurable success for your project.



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Our strong partners for your commerce success.

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