New CRM for RaiffeisenCasa.

With a 360° database from Salesforce, Namics optimizes the internal processes of the real estate marketer.

At a glance.

  1. 01The challenge.Media breaks and analogue working.
  2. 02Our approach.Focus on the needs of employees.
  3. 03The result.Modern CRM for an attractive employer.
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  • Sector

    • Financial services
  • Disciplines

    • Technical implementation
    • Maintenance / Operation Support
  • Year

    • 2019
  • Tech Stack

    • Salesforce
  • Services

    • Digital Workplace
    • CRM & Customer Loyalty
    • Data & Insights

The challenge.

RaiffeisenCasa is a start-up under the umbrella of the largest bank branch network in Switzerland. The start-up is therefore in a comparatively comfortable position. Nevertheless, internal processes that have not yet been established make the work of the real estate consultants more difficult. Some activities still proceed analogously, and there are many media breaks. In order to position itself as an attractive employer and strengthen its own market position, RaiffeisenCasa needs optimised internal processes. And strong customer relationship management for digitizing the workplace.

Our approach.

Iterative working.

With user tests, the CRM is continuously checked for its performance and usability.

Intense collaboration.

Close cooperation enables in-depth understanding of RaiffeisenCasa's internal processes and standards.

Salesforce in action.

With Salesforce, the start-up gets a rapidly deployable and extensible CRM.

360-degree customer view through smart technology.

All stakeholders at a glance.

In the intensive cooperation we have brought all stakeholders to the table: from the CEO of RaiffeisenCasa to the project team on the client side to the final users - the real estate consultants. They play the most important role in the development of the application. After all, the new CRM is intended to change their everyday working lives.
Raiffeisen Casa erhält 360-Grad-Kundensicht

Salesforce as a powerful solution.

Fast implementation was essential for this project. With Salesforce, Namics chose a system that enables rapid implementation. Salesforce is also easy to connect to other digital systems.

From the routing slip to the 360° database.

After the previous way of working was based on folders and routing slips, nothing stands in the way of a paperless office thanks to the new CRM. All employees can use Salesforce as a 360° database for both customer relations and real estate. The CRM provides a digital image of the real estate valuation. The system is also used for communication with banks. The work is simplified enormously. RaiffeisenCasa also gains more transparency with regard to its sales pipeline and regional real estate markets.

  • from project start to live performance.

  • from Namics.

  • of the database.

Hans Stupf, COO, RaiffeisenCasa.
"As an experienced partner, Namics has provided us with excellent support in using Salesforce to digitize our internal processes to a high degree. We have been able to radically improve the speed and quality of our processes and provide our employees with a modern working environment".
Hans Stupf von Raiffeisen
Hans Stupf, COO, RaiffeisenCasa

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