– Autumn campaign 2015.

Eye-catching cross media campaign for high branding impact.

At a glance.

  1. 01The challenge.Enhancing brand visibility and boosting insurance closures.
  2. 02Our approach.Loud, provocative and attention-grabbing campaign.
  3. 03Das Ergebnis.Measurable success: +50% more insurance closures.
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  • Sector

    • Insurance
  • Disciplines

    • Conception
    • User Experience & Design
    • Content: Creation & Migration
  • Year

    • 2015
  • Tech Stack

    • Cross medial positioning of the ads
  • Services

    • Digital Marketing

The challenge.

In January 2015 Namics launched an image campaign focused on direct insurances for its long term client After the successful implementation of this direct marketing campaign Namics also developed a campaign focused on the product (car insurance) during the insurance switch period.

The campaign aimed to achieve the following goals:

  • Enhancing the visibility of the brand
  • Increase of sales (boosting insurance closures)
  • “Top of mind” positioning with the customer during the insurance switch period
  • Tie in/ up with the existing image campaign
  • Sustain existing performance advertising activities

Our approach. Loud, provocative and attention-grabbing campaign.

Cross-media advertising for

The cross-media campaign focused on the main product and picked up on the core essence of the successful annual campaign: loud, provocative and attention-grabbing. - Ansicht Website Werbung

Central to success: the selection of placements.

The campaign focuses on premium placements on news sites with high-reach, comprehensive offline measures such as out-of-home placements and video ads in public spaces as well as the distribution of a social media viral video. - Ansicht Website

The result. High reach and a positive branding effect.

In addition to a significant increase in the conversion rate of advertising media and a great positive response from the community, the integrated campaign showed measurable successes:

  • more insurance closures.

  • more visitors on the website.

  • views of the social media videos

    200.0k +

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