smart: Large marketing operations project.

Namics coordinates content maintenance and user support for 42 markets.

At a glance.

  1. 01The challenge.International content support.
  2. 02Our approach.Central service unit for all aspects.
  3. 03The result.Coordination and content maintenance for a total of 42 markets.
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  • Sector

    • Automobile
  • Disciplines

    • Content: Creation / Migration
    • Operations
    • Technical implementation
  • Year

    • 2013-2018
  • Tech Stack

    • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Services

    • Digital Marketing

The challenge.

smart has been part of Daimler AG since 1994 and operates worldwide. Following the global relaunch of the website (reference in German) in 2013, for which Namics was already responsible, the automobile manufacturer now faces the challenge of operating it in all countries worldwide. In addition to the marketing and communications managers in the countries, numerous third-party service providers are involved in this process.

The support and control of the service providers and the permanent further development of the content of the platform present our customers with a major organisational challenge. In order to ensure stable international content support, Namics provides ongoing support for all websites between 2013 and September 2018.

Our approach.

Namics is the central service unit for all aspects of website content control and maintenance.

The Single-Point-of-Contact and the underlying service structures ensure that requests for user support as well as content changes are processed within a defined period of time.

The project setup is agile. JIRA and Confluence are used as central communication platforms for this purpose.

The entire migration project is technically implemented with the Adobe Content Management System, AEM 6.1.

Coordination and content maintenance for a total of 42 markets, translations, roll-out management and quality assurance.

Namics is also responsible for the following areas:

We provide a first-level user support: central bundling, structuring and processing of all queries on content-specific topics. Furthermore we coordinate various agencies in the project environment and provide consulting for editors. Additionally we support the e-learning platform, implement market consultation hours and CMS trainings.
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Market surveys.

An important task is to carry out market satisfaction surveys to optimise our own processes / services for a continuous improvement.

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