KUKA. Also digital a pioneer in technology.

KUKA AG is one of the world's leading suppliers of robots and automated production systems and solutions. Our common challenge: to make the technological pioneering role and innovative strength digitally tangible and to strengthen them sustainably.

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At a glance.

  1. 01Website relaunch.Innovative power in digital channels.
  2. 02Digital Lead Generation.Sustainable expansion of the brand-customer relationship.

The challenge.

The first major milestone was the comprehensive relaunch of the KUKA website. This extensive project formed the basis for the global roll-out and website relaunch of the Swiss subsidiary Swisslog. The next stage focused on digitizing the lead generation processes and linking sales and marketing along the customer journey.

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  • Sector

    • Industry
  • Disciplines

    • Strategy
    • UX & Design
    • Technology
    • Content
    • Project management / Agile Workflow
  • Milestones

    • 2015: Start of cooperation
    • 2016: Website relaunch
    • 2017/18: Website relaunch Swisslog
    • 2018: Digital Lead Generation
  • Tech Stack

    • Salesforce Sales Cloud
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    • Sitecore
  • Services

    • Full service
    • Experience Platforms
    • CRM & Customer Loyalty
    • Digitales Marketing
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Website relaunch.

The website relaunch was our first project in 2015. Aligned with their strategy, we unified and modernized the digital appearance. The focus was on the customer experience. In addition to designing a uniform brand experience, we strategically accompanied the content optimization and created new content as well as comprehensively revised it. The contents of the website can thus be experienced and the conversion significantly increased.

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The KUKA website relaunch won several awards.
Teammitglieder bei der Awardverleihung
In 2016 the KUKA website Relaunch won the Sitecore Experience Award.

Our approach.

Agile workflow.

Agile implementation with an interdisciplinary team.
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Sitecore was used as a new platform solution.

Content Strategy.

The different divisions of the company were bundled on one website.
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UX design.

With optimal user guidance and style guide to more consistency.
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Consitent design and strong content.

UX design.

The design convinces with a clear and simple appearance and now unites all company divisions in a consistent brand appearance. Shorter click paths allow users to find the content that is relevant to them more quickly. In addition to intuitive operability, the corporate design can be transferred to all digital channels thanks to the style guide.
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Content optimization.

In addition to the design of the uniform brand experience, we also accompanied the content optimization. As part of their strategy, the existing content (approx. 800 pages, approx. 30 audit criteria and approx. 15 auditors) was audited, structured and comprehensively revised following a qualitative and quantitative inventory. Our goal: using the content to make the KUKA brand come alive and increase conversion. The new Sitecore platform solution also simplifies editorial processes.

Digital Lead Generation.

Nowadays, anyone interested in a product usually first obtains information through various channels. Once the interest has been aroused, customers must be convinced along the entire customer journey. We accompanied KUKA in this challenge.

The main objective was not only to generate new leads, but also to offer and personalize information in a way that enables an exchange with customers.

  • for Lead Management

  • higher newsletter attribution rate


Our approach.

Agile workflow.

Early launch as Minimum Viable Product (MVP) according to the Scrum method.


Team of specialists from various fields.


Integration of the content management system Sitecore. Consolidation of different marketing systems in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Data protection.

Use of the Salesforce Sales Cloud to consolidate a Golden Customer Record and ensure GDPR.

That's how it works with more leads and higher conversion rates.


For the lead generation, we developed a (digital) customer journey tailored to the users in order to pick up potential customers and play out content precisely to their needs. For this purpose, we linked an event user journey (of trade fairs, etc.) with a newsletter route. All interactions provide a seamless customer experience with personalized marketing automation through Salesforce. KUKA can now enter into a context-related, cross-channel dialogue and provide customers with relevant content. Automation also saves KUKA additional human, financial and time resources - which makes the marketing measures particularly effective.
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Technical implementation.

As part of the Digital Lead Generation, KUKA has recognized the need for a cross-channel link with customer relationship management. The customer journey is based on a complex technical interaction in which we developed an individual Sitecore solution and connected it with the Salesforce world. In concrete terms this means: we create a link between the website and the Salesforce Sales Cloud as well as the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Conceptually and technically a challenging project.
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Andreas Bauer, Vice President Corporate Marketing, KUKA AG
"Within the Digital Lead Generation project, we have jointly developed a holistic user journey. With Namics, we have a partner at our side who masters complex technical challenges and who consistently develops the topic of personalization."
Dr. Andreas Bauer, VP Marketing, KUKA AG

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