Digital Product and Service Design.

Innovations for sustainable business success and enthusiastic customers.

At a glance.

  1. 01The process.Your path to digital innovation.
  2. 02The Namics’ credo.Basis of our solutions.

With courage and curiosity for digital innovations.

Digitalization is a great challenge for established companies. Innovative technologies, digital offerings, changing customer expectations and new competitors are changing the rules of the market and putting traditional business models under pressure. These changes require answers that go right to the heart of the business.

So be courageous and question your existing business model!

Take the opportunity to collaborate with Namics to create digital products and services that deliver real and sustainable value to your customers. Become a winner in digital change.

From vision to implementation.

See how Namics helps to identify innovative digital services and products:

Insights & Vision.

Identify the needs of your customers.

Together we look at the market, resources and innovation drivers and generate ideas for new services and products.
Namics Strategieworkshop

Focus on tangible solutions.

Which solutions can provide your customers with added value in the future? You don't get loose ideas, but tangible, well thought-out and realisable possibilities for new approaches.


Bring your ideas to life.

The ideas developed can now be experienced digitally. We closely work with you to develop the necessary processes and channels, e.g. in a design sprint.
Namics Digital Product and Service Design - Design-Phase

3,2,1... prototyping!

We bring digital products and services to life with a prototype. If everything fits after testing, the technical development can start.

Proof of concept.

Develop the first features.

The prototypes already give a detailed picture of the new user experience? Then get ready for technical development!
Digital Product and Service Design - Phase Proof of concept

Get ready for engineering!

Hackathons provide initial results on how to integrate back-end services or physical products. Core features are technically implemented and ready for testing.

Implementation & Operation.

Convince your customers!

Now the business begins: the implementation, marketing and operation of the developed products and services.
Digital Product and Service Design - Phase 4 Implementation and Operations

Successful rollout.

We implement your new products and services technically and support you in their successful marketing.

Our credo.

We believe that successful product development requires a combination of three competencies: Business, design and technology. Central to a digital product and service design project with us is therefore the interdisciplinary team of user experience designers, digital business consultants and software engineers with a common product or service vision.

Interdisziplinäres Team
For us, working in interdisciplinary teams is a success factor for the realisation of digital innovations.

Our approach is not method-centric, but focuses on the users of digital products and services and their needs.

We adapt the methods used in the product development process to your context, the resource situation and the underlying technology.

Together we realize your digital innovations.

New Business Consultant Yvo Pesek
Yvo Pesek, Principal Consultant New Business (+49 69 365 059 218)