Digital Product and Service Design.

Creating digital innovation together.

With courage and curiosity for digital innovations.

Digitalization is a great challenge for established companies. Innovative technologies, digital offerings, changing customer expectations and new competitors are changing the rules of the market and putting traditional business models under pressure. These changes require answers that go right to the heart of the business.

So be courageous and question your existing business model!

Take the opportunity to collaborate with Namics to create digital products and services that deliver real and sustainable value to your customers. Become a winner in digital change.

From vision to implementation.

See how Namics helps to identify innovative digital services and products:

Digital Business Innovation.


We combine expertise in business consulting, user experience and technology to reveal (hidden) market opportunities and realize new growth paths.


Together we develop a product or service vision. With Research you discover decisive insights - from which we develop theses for an innovative business model.

Service Design.


With innovative digital products and services that deliver a compelling user experience, we're making a difference.

Interaction Design.

Interaction Design creates a design for your product. Then it goes into prototyping, forms and functions are created. In Hackathons we prove their technical potential. Through user research and testing you will get to know potentials and limits.

Go to Market.

Focused market approach.

We quickly bring digital products and services to market on the right technical platform and then systematically develop them further.
Go To Market

Continous Improvement.

Correct analysis and targeted product management enable you to achieve continuous improvement. "Growth Hacking" creates new ways to let business grow.

Find the right format for your idea.

Rapid Prototyping.

We visualize and validate your service idea. The result: a prototype that brings the idea to life and initial feedback from potential customers. How long will it take? A week!
Service Reframing

Service Reframing.

The idea comes to life: We formulate them and develop an overall view of them. The result: a business plan, an architecture hypothesis and a click dummy tested by a customer. This all happens in three weeks.
Proof of Service

Proof of Service.

Now it's time for the candy: Your service idea goes through the endurance test from all angles. Your result: a technical breakthrough and a sound basis for budgeting, planning, implementation and expansion of the service. For this we need two months and afterwards the goal should be clear: We would like to implement the project with you!

Together we realize your digital innovations.

New Business Kontakt
Your New Business contacts: For Germany Patrick Habel (+49 69 365 059 0) and for Switzerland Patrick Bürkle (+41 44 228 67 77).